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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Μετανάστευση και Εγκληματικότητα

Από το πολύ ενδιαφέρον paper του καλού φίλου της στήλης Λεωνίδα, τμήμα του οποίου είχε προστεθεί σαν σχόλιο σε προηγούμενο post:

..[O]fficial statistics belie the link between the influx of immigration and a supposed rise in the overall crime rates [...]

Unlike what is widely purported, if one excludes motoring offences (e.g. parking fines and failures to comply with driving regulations), there has been a 12.5 per cent fall in the overall rate of notifiable offences recorded by the police within eleven years, from 205,573 in 1990 to 179,799 in 2000 [...]

What is more, in 2000, the percentage of foreigners amongst perpetrators of high-profile crimes such as homicides (intentional and unintentional, completed and attempted), assaults, and drug-related offences was lower than their estimated proportion in the general population of Greece. [Περισσότερα]

Τα στοιχεία του Υπουργείου Δημόσιας Τάξης μέχρι και το 2004 εδώ.
Σχετική συζήτηση στο Ιστολόγιο.


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